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Snow Ice Bingsu Machine 

Kstar korean made snow ice bingsu machine produces flavored fine snow ice flakes.The number one choice for bingsu machine and exported worldwide. Full range from compact machines to heavy duty floor standing type. Robust, reliable and functional.


Features of our Snow Ice Flake Bingsu Machine


Space saving & User-friendly design with one touch function  
Compact desktop machine is ideal for outlets with space constraint. 
Pre-set timer allows you to automatically set the time for machine to run every time you start machine to produce the ice flakes. Pre-set timer allows you to adjust the ice flakes output according to the size of your servings. Multi bowl feature allows you to make multiple bowls. Fulfill orders just with one touch of the button. 
Ease of making different flavored ice with minimum fuss 
Easy accessibilty to mixture allows you to change mixture easily and to make different flavored ice flakes. Now you can make different flavored ice flakes based on customer's order. No more constraints to making just one flavor on your machine. 
Faster machine speed reduces waiting time 
New upgraded version allows for faster ice flake production and resulting in  less waiting time for your customers. 
Easy to clean and maintain 
Easy to use and ease of cleaning after use makes our machine a popular choice amongst those looking for a reliable, easy-to-use machine. Open top concept makes it easy to clean and maintain the machine after use. 
Works perfectly well with generic or specialized bingsu products 
Machine is designed for use with most type of liquid input. Specially produced bingsu powder specially designed to create finer textured and better tasting ice flakes are also available for the most discerning customers. 
Warranty and Support 
Machine installation and workshop on use of machine is provided upon delivery to ensure proper set-up of the machine and allows our customers to learn to operate the machine and understands its features with the help of our friendly trainers. 
Warranty and service support is available for one year and you can have a peace of mind knowing we are here to provide you with warranty in parts and after sales service should you ever require them. 

Download eBrochure for full machine specifications

*Note: Pictures for illustration purposes only. Design and specifications may be subjected to change without pior notice.  

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